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Water resources everywhere are increasingly more important. Growing population, global warming, regional droughts and drying aquifers, environmental problems and ecological concerns are making it more and more difficult to find a clean, safe and reliable water supply for residential, commercial and municipal uses alike.

Southern Oregon and Northern California have not escaped these problems. That's why it's important to choose a water well drilling company with plenty of experience--and specific experience in the region--to help you with your water well drilling projects.

On that score, few companies have as much to offer as Rogue Valley Well Drilling. Founded in 1947, the company is headed by Scott Coffman, a third-generation driller after his grandfather, Jack Boettcher, and his great grandfathers.

Extensive knowledge of the geological lay of the land, so important to the successful development of water well projects, is what you get when you contract with Rogue Valley Drilling, a company responsible for hundreds of successful wells drilled in the region over the last five decades.

Scott can provide you better water development choices based on specific knowledge of the region, and cumulative knowledge of the business of getting you water when and where you need it. You really can't make a better choice than Rogue Valley Well Drilling.

Rogue Valley Well Drilling uses pneumatic, or cable-tool, drilling equipment.

Learn how that can make a positive difference for you on our FAQ page.

Below left: Jack Boettcher, longtime owner-operator of Rogue Valley Drilling Co.

Below right: Jack's father Arthur Boettcher, Sr., with two of his sons at work on the family's drill rig before World War II.


Scott Coffman, owner-operator of Rogue Valley Well Drilling Co.

Below: the 1947 announcement in the Medford Mail Tribune of the purchase of Shirley & Sons Drilling Co. by Rogue Valley Drilling Co.